Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a rep new to LyonPass. How do I sign up?

We have designed LyonPass to be as intuitive as possible.  However, we realize that there are many styles of user interface designs out there and that not everyone has the same concept of what is “easy”.  To make sure your onboarding is as smooth as we can make it, we have prepared a quick start guide for you.  Please download LyonPass Registration Quick Start Guide v2 and follow along.  If you still have trouble, please go ahead and shoot us an email at  Someone from our support team will reach out to you.

What is Crowd Machine and how is it related to LyonPass?

Crowd Machine is the computing platform on which LyonPass is built.  The platform is a “blockchain-enabled” “decentralized cloud” that runs on the excess computing power of all kinds of devices connected to the internet.  You may think of it as a kind of AirBnB for cloud computing.  You can find more info about Crowd Computer here

Do you have downloadable user guides?

Yes.  You may find our latest user guides on